5 tips on finding inspiration

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Here’s some tips for you to try when your stuck and feeling uninspired. Most of the time the inspiration you need is there but your head is too clouded or maybe around you but you’re not paying attention. 

Take a break

Tip #1 – Pause. Take a break

It’s important to take breaks from what you’re working on. You may just need to take some time out, be in silence, meditate and see where your thoughts take you. So take a moment to be still, to rest and get some quiet time. If necessary and if you can, take a day off to reenergise.

inspiration from spending time with people

Tip #2 – Spend time with people

If you haven’t in a while, take time out to talk to friends, or family. Visit family, offer to babysit, plan a meet up with friends and just enjoy their company and random conversations. Something might come up in conversation that gives you the inspiration you need. If not, it would just be a nice opportunity to clear your head and catch up with friends and family.

Outdoor Inspiration

Tip #3 – Go outdoors for inspiration

The inspiration you’re looking for is not always going to come where you expect it. It’s sometimes best to engage in things that are totally different. Try to do something you haven’t done in a while. Take a long walk, a random bus ride or get around new surroundings.

Entertainment Inspiration

Tip #4 – Entertainment

Looking at the arts usually sparks off creativity and brings about ideas from how you interpret it. So, try reading the newspaper, a book, or comics. Watch a show, a film, or a play. Listen to music, or even better go see it live. Go to a gallery or a museum. It’s definitely worth a try.

Don't overthink

Tip #5 – Don’t overthink it or worry about getting it wrong

It’s easy to go into overdrive and wear yourself down overthinking or worrying, especially if there’s a risk of making mistakes or getting something wrong.
Stop and make a plan, get your thoughts out on paper. Write out what you’re trying to achieve and the desired outcome, then let it flow. For example, if writing, once you’ve made a bit of plan don’t overthink the rest, just write as it comes to your mind, and edit after.

Finding Inspiration

Bonus Tip! Be present

Inspiration can literally come from anywhere but you first need to free your mind. Try to be present in everything you do, whatever your daily routine is try and be more aware of everything. Taking a shower, eating a meal, travelling. Absorb your surroundings and really feel and take in what’s going on. Like the feeling of the water from the shower, the temperature of it. The smells around you, the flavours in your meal. I know it may sound silly but these are things that go unnoticed and the point is inspiration is all around us we just overlook it all.

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