5 tips for buying your first camera

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When buying your first camera it can be difficult to know where to start. Well, we’re here to help make that choice easier for you with five great tips!

Camera use

1. What will you use your camera for?

This is the first question you need to answer in order to help you decide. If it’s for personal use then you may just want something cheap, with automatic settings that’s light and portable. If it is for more professional use then your options can be narrowed down for a camera that’s just for photography or filming. Or more so if you want one that can do both photography and filming well.

2. What’s your budget?

Come up with a realistic budget. What are you willing to spend on a camera. Maybe you need to consider buying a 2nd hand camera from a trusted seller. If you want something high end you could do a pay plan, or buy it out right. But if you’re starting out there’s really no need to over spend, your main focus should be how to use your camera well.

camera accesories

3. Have you thought about camera accessories?

Depending on what you are planning to use the camera for you may also need to consider accessories and include that in your budget. A mic, a tripod, how about lenses, etc? Oh and don’t forget memory cards.

4. What’s important?

What gets most people is the brand, as there are so many brands out there. One thing to think about though is unpopular brands can come with expensive or limited accessories so consider that aspect when picking a brand. Other things to consider is how it records sound, all the technical features, the look and the weight.

Camera Shop

5. Visit a store

Lastly, if you’re still confused or even if you’re sure, it could be a good idea to visit a camera shop and talk to an expert about what you’re after. You’ll also be able to get a feel for different cameras.

Let us know your thoughts or any questions. If you have any more tips feel free to add them in the comments below!

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